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Andrew Michell ‘Walks Through Time’

The Royal Town’s MP, Andrew Mitchell, has launched a series of six archaeological walks called ‘Walking Through Time’, on behalf of the Sutton Coldfield Civic Society & the Friends of Sutton Park.

The project has taken two years to complete under the of Dr. Mike Hodder archaeologist, Roger Lea a local historian, Elizabeth Allison Civic Society and Antonia Watts, Chair of the Friends of Sutton Park Association (Fospa). The walks highlight a range of historical points of interest around Sutton Park and allow visitors to find out more about the area’s local history.

The Walks allow park visitors to benefit from archaeological and historical information shown on panel maps and pyramid markers throughout the Park, enhancing the walking experience.

Following the launch Dr. Mike Hodder led Walk No. 2 from Town Gate with an enthusiastic group including Andrew & Sharon Mitchell together with Scarlet their dog. Mr Mitchell commented that “Projects such as ‘Walking Through Time’ allow us an essential insight into the important heritage the Royal Town has. I can only urge all Suttonians to walk one (or all) of the trails. They are an interesting and educational addition to what is already a fantastic Park.”

The project was made possible by funding from Mr. Laurence William Loader’s bequest to Fospa, Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust via Sutton Coldfield Civic Society and Severn Trent Water. Mr Mitchell added “I think that Laurence Loader would feel that his wonderful donation has been put to excellent use for the benefit of our Royal Town”.

Photo: Andrew and Sharon Mitchell with other keen walkers on the trail.

Walking through Time: Andrew and Sharon Mitchell with other keen walkers on the trail

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