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Andrew Mitchell’s Christmas Tour

Andrew Mitchell will be doing his annual Christmas tour of Sutton Coldfield’s crucial services in advance of the festive period next Friday.

He will be visiting the Royal Mail Sorting Office and speaking to staff about how they cope with their busiest time of the year - making sure that those of us hoping for news from friends and family across the UK and the world receive it on time.

His next stop is Good Hope Hospital, where he will meet with patients and the staff who look after them, ensuring that Sutton is well supported every single day of the year.

He will then move on to the Fire and Police Stations to hear more about the pressures that these services are expecting to face over the next couple of weeks, and the plans in place to make sure that Christmas is a safe and secure time for everyone in Sutton Coldfield.

Andrew Mitchell said “The Christmas tour is my chance to say thank you to those upon whom we depend as Sutton Coldfield’s MP. It allows me to see the crucial work that goes into making sure that everyone can celebrate Christmas and New Year with their loved ones in safety and security, and thank those who make this possible by so generously sacrificing their own time over this period”.

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