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Andrew Mitchell delivers festive cheer to emergency and postal services across Royal Sutton Coldfield

Royal Sutton Member of Parliament Andrew Mitchell has made his annual pre Christmas tour to say thank you to the men and women of Sutton Coldfield emergency services for their hard work for Suttonians throughout the year.

In particular he thanked on behalf of his constituents those who will be working throughout Christmas and the New Year to keep us safe and well.

Andrew Mitchell’s first port of call was an early morning visit to thank the postal workers at Royal Mail Sutton Coldfield for the speedy and effective delivery of mail throughout Sutton Coldfield over the very busy Christmas season. He met and thanked staff at the sorting office.

His next visit was to Good Hope Hospital where he thanked the Hospital’s Medical Director, Dr Arne Rose and all his team for the brilliant work that Good Hope carries out throughout the year. He toured part of the hospital and thanked clinicians, nurses, volunteers and staff especially those who will be working so dedicatedly throughout Christmas and the New Year.

Next he went on to the Sutton Coldfield Police Station where Mr Mitchell toured and thanked Police officers and civilian staff for keeping residents safe and sound.

His final call was to Royal Sutton’s Fire Station where he met Kevin Eaves who heads up the fire brigade in Sutton Coldfield and thanked the firemen and women who not only react to emergencies in Sutton Coldfield but also are heavily involved in training and deterrent measures in schools and the local community.

Andrew Mitchell said, “As I have done for the last 15 years, I have had the welcome opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to the men and women of the emergency and postal services upon whom we rely throughout the year and whose dedicated work we never take for granted. Many of them will be working over Christmas and the New Year holiday while the rest of us are hopefully relaxing and putting our feet up and on behalf of everyone in Sutton Coldfield I have offered our grateful thanks and gratitude.”

Photos: 1. Post Office, an early start for our MP thanking postal workers in Sutton
2. Hospital, followed by a thank you tour in Sutton’s Good Hope Hospital
3. Police – Andrew joins and thanks the Police in festive mood in Sutton’s Police station.

Andrew joins and thanks the Police in festive mood in Sutton’s Police station

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