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Andrew Mitchell meets with Young Carers in Sutton to discuss The Challenge Campaign

Andrew Mitchell MP met with two representatives of Young Carers, a group of youngsters aiming to draw the public’s attention to the difficulties faced by many young people who take care of older relatives – in particular parents.

The two representatives - Rohan Mehta and Fatima Sadiq - joined forces with eight other young people from the local area to distribute informative leaflets in the centre of Birmingham and around all the main train stations. The campaign’s main purpose is to raise awareness among schools, parents and youths on the difficulties young carers might face in getting good results in school and about the lack of understanding for their situation they sometimes find among peers.

Sutton’s MP encouraged the Young Carers to continue in their good work, and joined in their social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. He also encouraged them to reach out to other MPs in the surrounding area to help spread their message further.

Andrew Mitchell said “this is an important issue facing a number of people in Sutton and beyond. I am glad that this work is being done to raise awareness for the great work that young volunteers do in this situation, and of the strains that it can put on other areas of their lives. It is an excellent initiative.”

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