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Andrew Mitchell MP celebrates Royal Sutton Coldfield’s Multiple Sclerosis Society’s 50th anniversary

The 50th anniversary of the Royal Town’s Multiple Sclerosis Society Branch marked a milestone in the invaluable work it does for those in the Royal Town affected by MS. The Branch operating at Clifton Road Youth Centre held a party celebrate its Golden Anniversary, which was opened by local MP, Andrew Mitchell.

The day was a great success with a very good turnout exceeded only by the level of enthusiasm from members. The Branch Treasurer, Teresa Jennings, commented that “the day went absolutely fantastic and I was absolutely chuffed with the attendance”.

The success of the party reflects the friendly nature of the Society which has helped to support sufferers of MS, their families and friends over half a century. Sutton MP, Andrew Mitchell, said “events like these are a helpful reminder of some all too overlooked issues. Societies like these demonstrate the kindness and compassion that we are proud to represent as Royal Suttonians.”

Operating from 10:30am until 2pm on both Mondays and Fridays the Society are happy to welcome new members and volunteers and hopes that anyone who is affected by this life changing disease will contact them. Raising awareness has become a key goal of Sutton Coldfield’s Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society who feel that many people simply do not know that there is a local Branch.

Whether you wish to give up your time to volunteer, need support or have a chat with people who understand the Sutton Multiple Sclerosis Society would be happy to welcome you.
To contact the Sutton Coldfield Multiple Sclerosis branch please ring 0121 355 6926 or email mssutton2017@gmail.com .

Photo: Andrew Mitchell with lead members of Suttons MSS branch

Andrew Mitchell MP celebrates Royal Sutton Coldfield’s Multiple Sclerosis Society’s 50th anniversary

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