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Andrew Mitchell MP: Giving Sutton Coldfield information about crime on our streets

Andrew Mitchell MP has welcomed the Government’s newly launched website www.police.uk which provides data maps that show crime and anti-social behaviour at a street by street level in Sutton Coldfield.

The website allows local residents to see exactly what type of crime is happening and where – down to the level of their street corner.

The website currently shows Sutton’s street crime and anti-social behaviour levels for December 2010. Crime hotspots are largely concentrated in and around the town centre, specifically the area on or near to Mill Street where thirty incidents were recorded under the categories: anti-social behaviour (11), violent crime (10), other crime which includes criminal damage, shop lifting and drug offences (7) and robbery (2).

Broken down into wards the website shows Trinity to have the highest level of incidents followed by Vesey, New Hall and Four Oaks. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) was the most reported type of incident. Burglary, robbery, vehicle and violent crime levels being substantially lower than those of ASB.

The website also lists useful details relevant to your postcode like local Neighbourhood Forum Policing Teams and upcoming Police surgeries.

Speaking about the new ‘crime atlas’ at New Hall branch AGM, Andrew Mitchell MP said:

“The Coalition Government is serious about cutting the levels of crime and anti-social behaviour in our communities. This new facility allows people to see what crime is happening on our streets enabling them to tell the local police if they have concerns, and challenge them about how issues are being dealt with. It is a great means of intensifying police engagement with the local community through the power of information.”

Andrew Mitchell meets local Police commanders

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