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Andrew Mitchell MP & Job Centre Manager pledge to eradicate youth unemployment in Sutton Coldfield

Andrew Mitchell MP & Job Centre Manager, Hilary Govier, praise falling unemployment in the Royal Town and pledge to eradicate youth unemployment in Sutton Coldfield.

Andrew Mitchell MP met with the incoming District Manager for the Sutton Coldfield Job Centre to get an update on the Government’s measures to help people back in to work and the improving rate of employment in the Royal Town. On the same day he hosted a Jobs & Careers Fair for his constituents.

Andrew Mitchell & Hilary Govier, the new Job Centre plus District Manager, discussed the implementation of policies introduced to make it easier for people to get back into work through employment support and retraining. He was also updated on the Government’s continued roll out of Universal Credit.

The unemployment rate in Sutton Coldfield is already one of the lowest in the country with the total number of claimants at 630 which represents just 1.4% of Sutton’s working population, a figure which is well below the national claimant rate of 2.4%.

The very good news is that since February of this year the number of 18-24 year old claimants has halved from 120 to just 60. Mr Mitchell welcomed the increased focus on the Job Centre cooperating with local schools in Sutton and to encourage a collaborative effort to get young people in education, training or employment.

Mr Mitchell added, “Following my meeting with Hilary we are both pledging to do everything we can to eradicate completely youth unemployment through Sutton Coldfield my constituency by the end of this financial year.”

He concluded;
“I have no doubt this can be achieved. Today at the Town Hall, 30 of the best local, national and multinational companies are exhibiting to young Suttonians and this – together with a robust effort from our schools and the help of the Job Centre- will help make our goal of eradicating youth unemployment in Sutton achievable over the next 9 months.”

Andrew Mitchell MP & Job Centre Manager, Hilary Govier

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