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Andrew Mitchell MP launches Sutton-wide search for evidence of Town’s Royal pedigree

Andrew Mitchell, MP for Sutton Coldfield, and Sutton Coldfield’s Conservative Councillor team have this week launched a call for a town-wide search for the missing evidence that proves that Sutton Coldfield is truly a Royal Town.

Following high level talks with the responsible Government Minister, he has secured confirmation that if local residents can provide convincing evidence that the loss of Sutton’s Royal status was the result of an error, then it would be possible for the idea of restoring that status to be reconsidered.

So far the evidence provided has not been enough to satisfy the Government that the time has come for the Prime Minister to advise Her Majesty The Queen to re-instate the necessary approval for using the Royal title. However, Andrew Mitchell is convinced that the proof is out there and called on local people to join in the search to unearth the key evidence that proves an error was made back in 1883.

Launching his call for the town-wide search, Andrew Mitchell MP said:

“We are not there just yet but I think we can pull this off if we pool our research skills and unearth the vital piece of evidence that it was wrong for Sutton to have lost its Royal status.”

“I will continue to work with local Councillors to find this evidence, but am very keen that any local resident who thinks they know where the answer lies gets in touch and helps us make the case.”

“In an age of localism and the demonstrated power of social media it makes sense to harness the collective wisdom of everyone in the Town to help make the restoration of Sutton’s rightful status a reality”.

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