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Andrew Mitchell MP lends Arthur Terry’s Year 11 students a helping hand with their Citizenship coursework

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited Arthur Terry School in Sutton Coldfield to answer questions from Year 11 students as part of their GCSE Citizenship Studies coursework. Mr Mitchell also met with Head Teacher Mr Christopher Stone to discuss the progress the school has made since his last visit earlier this year.

As part of their GCSE Citizenship course, the students - aged 15 and 16 - were asked to interview a figure of authority connected with their chosen subject. As their local Member of Parliament many of the students had requested the opportunity to interview Mr Mitchell who was more than pleased to take part.

In an hour long Q&A session the students quizzed their MP on a wide range of issues including immigration reform, the portrayal of young people in the media and remuneration for armed forces personnel. Mr Mitchell was also asked questions on global issues in his capacity as Secretary of State for International Development, discussing the effect of war on children in Northern Uganda and the use of child soldiers.

Mr Mitchell said, “It is always a pleasure to visit Arthur Terry School and meet with such enthusiastic students. Their questions show their up-to-date knowledge of and keen interest in many of the key moral, social and cultural issues facing our country today.

“Citizenship projects such as this are an excellent way to encourage young people to take an active interest in current affairs, helping them to understand the rights and responsibilities they have as members of society.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP with Year 11 Citizenship studies students at Arthur Terry School, Head Teacher Christopher Stone and Citizenship Studies Coordinator, Paul Withey.

Andrew Mitchell joins year 11 students at Arthur Terry School

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