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Andrew Mitchell MP meets Birmingham City Council Chief Executive to discuss issues affecting Sutton Coldfield

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with the Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council, Stephen Hughes, to discuss issues of concern to Sutton Coldfield and specifically planning and development matters.

Mr Mitchell discussed the negative impact garden grabbing developments are having on the local area and the strain they place on public services and the transport network. Andrew also took the opportunity to discuss proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and to reinforce the guidelines the Government has issued to local councils which aim to reduce the number of ‘garden grabbing’ developments across the country.

Over the summer Sutton’s MP also met with Mark Barrow the Council’s Strategic Director of Development to raise similar concerns on behalf of constituents.

Additionally, Mr Mitchell asked for an update on a wide range of subjects including budgetary issues affecting the council, its progress in finding savings, school academy conversions and what the council might be able to do to foster initiatives to help local independent businesses.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “I have regular discussions with Stephen on matters raised with me by constituents. This was particularly important in addressing planning issues across our town.

“Our local Councillors continue to work extremely hard defending Sutton’s interests at the Council and securing the best possible services for Sutton from local government.”

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