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Andrew Mitchell MP praises award winning manufacturer – Cubewano – a cutting edge business “made in Sutton Coldfield”

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited Cubewano – an award winning engine manufacturer – at its Reddicap base in Sutton Coldfield to discuss the company’s unique selling proposition.

Andrew met with Craig Fletcher, the company’s Founder and Managing Director and his six employees. Mr Mitchell heard that the company has 11 patents for its engine and military generator technologies.

Last year, Cubewano completed a multi-million-dollar contract supplying its engines to the US Army. Since then the company has adapted its core technology to create a new portable generator that runs on military-standard heavy fuel and can be carried by just one soldier. Its engines are also used in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones.

Recently the company has experienced difficulty securing funding to begin large scale manufacture of its unique rotary engines.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “This business is full of potential and they now need the right venture capitalist to invest in their innovative engines in order to take the company forward. I have also sought information from the Ministry of Defence about funding grants for businesses looking to provide equipment to the British military.

“I am very proud to have Cubewano on my patch. This is British inventing at its best and I have written to the Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology to introduce Cubewano, highlight its huge potential and encourage him to visit himself.”

Photos: Andrew Mitchell MP and Craig Fletcher at Cubewano’s base on the Reddicap Trading Estate

Andrew Mitchell MP and Craig Fletcher at Cubewano’s base on the Reddicap Trading Estate

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