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Andrew Mitchell MP presents Sutton Coldfield Sea Cadets with national excellence award

Andrew Mitchell MP, President of Sutton Coldfield Sea Cadets, has presented the prestigious Burgee Pennant to the Sea Cadet Corps at their Unit, Training Ship Sutton Coldfield in Sutton Park.

Each year every Sea Cadet Unit is inspected and assessed for its achievements and efficiency. A Unit may be awarded a Pennant if it has made good progress and meets the level of achievement defined by the Sea Cadet Association.

A Unit that achieves qualifications and standards above those required for the award of a Pennant may be considered for the award of a Burgee. It is the highest award given to a Sea Cadet Unit and puts Sutton Coldfield in the top 25 per cent of all Units in Great Britain.

Andrew Mitchell was piped aboard Training Ship Sutton Coldfield where he then inspected the guard and presented various awards to the cadets including the renowned Burgee Award for last year’s efficiency.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “The Sutton Coldfield Sea Cadets work all year around to ensure that their Unit excels. It was a pleasure for me to attend as the Unit’s President and to be able to present them with their prestigious Burgee Pennant. It is a reflection of the hard work and commitment of the whole T.S. Sutton Coldfield team and its Cadets.”

Andrew Mitchell presents Sutton Coldfield Sea Cadets with national excellence award

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