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Andrew Mitchell MP speaks at Newhall Branch lunch in Sutton Coldfield ahead of next week’s Budget Day

Andrew Mitchell MP, local Councillors and many of Sutton’s Conservative Party Members have attended the first Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association fundraiser since the General Election.

The meeting and fundraiser was organised by and held in Newhall Ward and was the first post Election briefing with Andrew Mitchell MP. Also in attendance was Newhall Ward’s newly elected Councillor James Bird.

Speaking at the fundraiser Andrew Mitchell commented on the forthcoming Budget saying, “Only since coming into government have we been able to see just how bad our national debt is.

“What we didn't know before and what the last government refused to publish was how much the interest on our debt is likely to rise in the years to come.

“In five years time this figure is likely to be around £70 billion.

“That’s £70 billion – which is more than the current budget for schools in England, climate change and transport put together.

“So we will make reductions in spending, not because we want to, but because we have to.

“The Conservative Party has had to sort out Labour's economic mess before and we will roll our sleeves up and sort it out again.

“But just as we are clear about what we must do, we are also clear about how we must do it. As we've said all along, we will carry out cuts in a way that strengthens and unites the country and that protects the poorest and most vulnerable.”

Mr Mitchell also signalled that owing to the prudence of the Conservative Liberal coalition on Birmingham City Council in making early plans to tackle the dreadful economic position left by the Labour government, inevitable reductions in spending in Birmingham would not be as painful and difficult as they would have been.

He said, "Sutton's Councillors and I will work hard to protect our town and make sure Sutton gets the best deal possible."

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