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Andrew Mitchell MP supports Fairfax School’s Global Education Campaign

Students at Fairfax School, Sutton Coldfield, have spoken to local MP Andrew Mitchell about their involvement in the 1Goal Global Campaign for Education.

Andrew Mitchell spoke to Year 7 pupils about his role as Secretary of State for International Development, and how it tied in with their project. The pupils then presented the MP with 250 handmade scarves containing 1100 signatures calling the government to help children living in poverty around the world go to school.

Fairfax School students have been involved in a month-long project for 1Goal, a global campaign running alongside the World Cup, which is calling on world leaders to bring education to 72 million children by 2015.

Following his visit, Andrew said, “I always enjoy visiting our schools in Sutton Coldfield and it was very interesting speaking to the Year 7 pupils of Fairfax again.

“I was very impressed with their involvement in the campaign and their desire to improve education for those less fortunate than students here in Sutton Coldfield.

“Fairfax school’s message is a very important one. 72 million children are still denied the chance to go to school and this campaign aims to bring education to these children.”

Andrew Mitchell MP supports Fairfax School’s Global Education Campaign

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