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Andrew Mitchell MP supports group engaged in intercultural & community cohesion work

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with representatives from the Midlands Dialogue Forum to discuss its work in promoting intercultural dialogue and community cohesion within Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding area.

Andrew met with Sadik Cinar, Director of the Midlands Dialogue Forum and Taptuk Emre Erkoc, Academic Co-ordinator at his office in Sutton Coldfield.

During the meeting Mr Mitchell discussed the group’s research and civic work which aims to advance inter-cultural relations and community cohesion within the local area.

Their projects include organising community based events and discussion forums that seek to mobilise local people to understand different cultures and faiths.

Following the meeting Sadik Cinar said, “As the members of the Midlands Dialogue Forum we were pleased to meet Mr Mitchell to explain our ongoing and future work and projects. Mr Mitchell's keen interest in community cohesion, proactive citizenship and inter-cultural dialogue increased our motivation and strengthened our belief that we can continue to contribute usefully to the local community.”

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “The Midlands Dialogue Forum is a charity that is doing good work to encourage greater community cohesion.”

For more information and for details of the Midlands Dialogue Forum’s upcoming events visit www.midlandsdialogue.org.

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP with Sadik Cinar (Director Midlands Dialogue Forum) and Taptuk Emre Erkoc (Academic coordinator of Midlands Dialogue Forum)

Andrew Mitchell MP supports group engaged in intercultural & community cohesion work

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