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Andrew Mitchell MP supports Sutton’s Beekeepers

Andrew Mitchell MP has supported calls for a Bee Action Plan to reverse the decline of Britain’s honey and wild bees which is essential to keeping our animals and plants healthy.

Sutton Coldfield’s MP meets annually with the Sutton Coldfield Beekeepers’ Association which provides information and practical experience for all local beekeepers. Sutton’s beekeepers have seen bee numbers fall in recent years and the cold Spring has been very damaging to some of their colonies.

Andrew Mitchell MP said “There has been much discussion about bees and the use of some insecticides on crops that attract bees in recent months. Healthy bee populations are essential to our farmers, our food security and the economy which is why I am supporting the Friends of the Earth campaign.

“I am due to make my annual visit to Sutton’s beekeepers in July, to discuss the issues they are currently facing in Sutton and to provide feedback to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs on what the Government can do to help.”

If you are interested in becoming a member or want to find out more about beekeeping locally go to www.suttoncoldfield-beekeepers.co.uk

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