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Andrew Mitchell MP tells House of Commons that Labour’s plans for building on Sutton’s Green Belt “completely unacceptable”

In his first speech following the State Opening of Parliament, Sutton’s MP reiterated that the proposal to build 6,000 homes on Sutton’s Green Belt is unnecessary and has urged the Government to call in the Birmingham Development Plan 2031.

Speaking in the House of Commons this week, Andrew Mitchell MP said,

“I want a much greater focus in this parliamentary session on the importance of building new homes. It is virtually impossible for young people today to get on to the housing ladder in the way that my generation did, and dreams of a property-owning democracy are receding. However, homes must be built in the right places. Sutton Coldfield would suffer from the proposals of Birmingham’s Labour council to build no fewer than 6,000 new homes in the green belt. That is completely unacceptable, and we look to the Government to call that in at an early stage.”

In his speech, Sutton’s Member of Parliament put two specific alternatives to Ministers on making house-building processes easier; the first to exploit the opportunities of the Black Country Garden City which could provide up to 45000 new homes in the area and the second to find ways of treating previously contaminated industrial land in places where new homes could be built in Birmingham.

In the Commons he said, “…there must be more imaginative and considered inner-city developments, with more power for local communities and less for developers. Secondly, there must be more incentives to decontaminate land, which would have a huge effect on the availability of land for house building in Birmingham. Finally, I want a real effort to be made to bring to fruition the plans to build a garden city in the Black Country that could provide up to 45,000 homes, none of which would need to be built on the green belt.”

Following his speech, Sutton’s MP commented, “Following my Adjournment Debate earlier this year I have again raised this important matter in the House of Commons. Birmingham City Council’s catastrophic plans are unnecessary and other solutions to the housing problems in our area must be pursued before the Green Belt is attacked in that way.”

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