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Andrew Mitchell MP tours Bournville’s Cadbury factory

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited the Cadbury plant in Bourneville, Birmingham, to discuss the company’s takeover by Kraft, Cadbury’s ongoing commitment to Fair Trade and Kraft’s decision to close Cadbury’s Somerdale factory in 2011.

Speaking after the tour, Mr Mitchell, who was joined by Shadow Business Secretary Ken Clarke MP, said the future of Cadbury in Birmingham remains bright.

Mr Mitchell said, “Ken and I had a good discussion with the management who reassured us about the prospects for the future of Bournville.

“It is in Kraft's interests to make sure this plant continues to be a success.

“During my visit I spoke to members of Cadbury’s staff who were upbeat, despite the controversy which surrounded Kraft's prolonged takeover earlier this year. I also saw the very impressive new £7 million assembly line which is part of nearly £300 million worth of investment in Bournville. This level of investment is a very encouraging sign.

“Kraft bought Cadbury because it saw it was a growing business with great potential and they wanted to develop and make it a strong part of their business. Ken and I will remain in close contact with Kraft to ensure this happens.”

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