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Andrew Mitchell MP visits constituents in St George’s Court sheltered housing in Sutton Coldfield

Andrew Mitchell has made his annual visit last Friday to St George’s Court sheltered housing on Clarence Road in Four Oaks to have tea and a discussion with residents.

St George’s Court is managed by Retirement Security Limited who operates the Very Sheltered Housing Model to enable retired people to retain their independence for the whole of their lives.

Sutton’s MP had afternoon tea with about 30 residents in the communal tea room, many of whom regularly correspond with Mr Mitchell by email or letter. During the grilling of their Member of Parliament residents raised topics such as Disability Living Allowance, Equal Civil Marriage and the European Union.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “It is clear that the residents of St George’s Court are very content in their surroundings.

“I meet with constituents of all ages as often as possible and I always leave St George’s Court armed with clear ideas and opinions on current Government policy.”

Andrew Mitchell visits St George’s Court sheltered housing on Clarence Road in Four Oaks

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