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Andrew Mitchell MP visits Sutton Coldfield's Jobcentre Plus

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited Sutton Coldfield Jobcentre Plus to meet with District Manager, Jon Wright, as part of a series of regular updates between Jobcentre and MP.

Andrew has been in regular communication with Sutton’s Job Centre throughout the economic downturn, keeping track of Sutton’s unemployment and ensuring that every Sutton Coldfield constituent is dealt with as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Andrew was pleased to hear from Jon Wright that in Sutton Coldfield several hundred constituents had found work in the last few months and that the vacancies position was much improved on this time last year.

Andrew spent time with staff at the Jobcentre and was interested to hear their views on what the new Government is doing to build on the recent improvement in the local economy to help more people back into sustainable employment.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “Since the current recession began I have been in close touch with staff at Jobcentre Plus to ensure that any of my constituents who become unemployed are given every conceivable help to get back to work. I shall continue to ensure that every support possible is brought to bear in helping Sutton Coldfield residents if they need it.”

Andrew Mitchell MP visits Sutton Coldfield's Jobcentre Plus

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