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Andrew Mitchell visits the Sutton Coldfield Group Practice

Andrew Mitchell visits the Sutton Coldfield Group Practice and secures support for Royal Sutton Coldfield Cottage Hospital revitalisation plans.

Andrew Mitchell MP has gained support from the Sutton Coldfield Group Practice for his ambitious plans to revitalise Sutton Cottage Hospital, transforming it into a multi-disciplinary care and support service for the elderly following his recent visit with GPs and staff at the Ley Hill Surgery site.

The Sutton Coldfield Group Practice is a consolidation of six GP practices in Sutton Coldfield (Tudor, Sutton Park, Ley Hill, Falcon Lodge, Four Oaks and Vesey) and covers 52,000 patients in the area.

At the meeting the GPs backed the MP’s plans and the Group Practice is currently considering a range of services which could be delivered from the hospital and complement the work they undertake.

During the meeting, Andrew learnt more about the work carried out by the Sutton Coldfield Aspiring to Clinical Excellence (ACE) Primary Care Team. The team is especially dedicated to lowering avoidable admissions in the elderly since the majority of unplanned attendances at A&E occur in patients in this age group.

They have improved the flow of elderly patients through Good Hope Hospital and significantly reduced the number of patient causalities during a hospital stay whilst managing to reduce overall costs. The team is now keen to enable the positive outcomes to be magnified for the benefits of a larger population of patients and the wider health economy.

Following the meeting, Andrew said:

“Geographically, the Sutton Coldfield Group Practice surrounds the Cottage Hospital, with the Vesey site being virtually next door. This should complement our objective for the Cottage Hospital once again to be used for the medical treatment of elderly local residents with the central aim of allowing my constituents to remain in their own homes.

“This is a facility inherited from the generosity of our forebears for the benefit of people of Royal Sutton Coldfield. It should now be brought back into far more productive and pro-active use.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP and Sutton Coldfield Group Practice Executives.

 Andrew Mitchell visits the Sutton Coldfield Group Practice

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