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Andrew Mitchell welcomes Penns Lane Primary School to House of Commons

Following a visit earlier this year to Penns Lane Primary School, where a group of students were doing a project on the work of Parliament, Andrew Mitchell has met the students who were visiting the House of Commons this week. He met them following a tour of the Palace of Westminster, and answered questions that they had about what they had seen and learnt over the course of their day in Parliament and their earlier project at school.

Having been impressed by the artwork that they had created as part of the project on his earlier visit to their classroom, he was keen to know how they felt their depictions had measured up to reality.

He spoke about his time in Parliament, and the work that he does for Royal Sutton Coldfield down in Westminster. He was asked about the most unusual debate he had been involved in during his time in the House of Commons, to which he replied that he had sponsored a bill to regulate the use of animals in circuses.

He also told them a number of anecdotes about some of the buildings they had seen and the processes that they had learnt about, giving an insight into what goes on behind the scenes in Parliament.

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