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Letter to the Editor, Sutton Observer

Andrew Mitchell writes to the editor about building on ‘greenfield’ land in Birmingham.

10 March 2015


I am writing in response to the letter from Mr Stephen Spiers, who asked for clarification of our policy towards building on ‘greenfield’ land in Birmingham.

My view is, and always has been, that building on ‘greenfield’ land should be an absolute last resort. In our campaign to preserve Sutton Coldfield’s Green Belt I have repeatedly put forward the argument that there are better ways to meet increased housing demand in Birmingham than building on our Green Belt, primarily finding innovative ways to make use of brownfield land within the city itself. Birmingham City Council must take a more creative approach to the regeneration of Birmingham.

I do not dispute the need for new housing in Birmingham, but I dispute the approach that the Council has taken so far in trying to meet that need.


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