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Sutton’s MP leads call to tackle Syrian migrant crisis through establishment of Safe Havens

Andrew Mitchell has led calls nationally this week for a new approach to be taken in combatting the flow of migrants from war-torn Syria, advocating the establishment of Safe Havens, safeguarded through the UN, in areas in and on the border of Syria.

In comments made as calls for something to be done reached a fever pitch in the UK, Royal Sutton Coldfield’s MP pleaded with the International Community to work to tackle the causes, and not just the symptoms, of the ongoing civil war in Syria, which is the root of two of the most serious global problems right now: the refugee crisis; and the threat posed by Islamic State.

With almost half of the country’s population of 20 million either refugees or internally displaced, this week has seen a huge outpouring of support from the UK population to do something to alleviate the everyday suffering of Syrians, who through no fault of their own have lost their homes and their livelihoods. As International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell ensured that the UK led international contributions through the aid budget right from the start of the civil war in Syria. But more now needs to be done to tackle both the immediate refugee problem, and the root cause of that problem.

Andrew Mitchell said “the huge number of offers received across the UK – many from my own constituents – for the rehousing of Syrian refugees is typical of the generous nature of Britons. But it is not the answer to this problem. Syrians are a proud people who are leaving their country not because they want to, but because they have been forced out. We need to find a solution that allows those of them that wish to stay and rebuild their lives in their own country – which is the vast majority – the opportunity to do that. This can only be done through bringing a political settlement to the civil war, and in the more immediate term in establishing safe places for people to live as close as possible to the places from where they have been driven out”.

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