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Sutton Coldfield’s MP, Andrew Mitchell, is horrified at the proposition to build on Sutton’s Green Belt

Andrew Mitchell has reacted with horror to the suggestion from Labour-controlled Birmingham City Council that 10,000 homes could be built on Green Belt land in Sutton Coldfield.

Andrew Mitchell said, “When a Conservative Council was elected for Birmingham one of their first acts was to end the threat to Sutton’s Green Belt in Peddimore. It seems now Labour is back the threat to Sutton’s Green Belt has returned.”

“Sutton’s Councillors, many of whom have spent their political lives fighting off proposals like this, and I are absolutely clear that building 10,000 houses on the Green Belt could destroy the character of Sutton and we will resist it vigorously.”

The Coalition Government is firmly committed to safeguarding the Green Belt to prevent urban sprawl. The new National Planning Policy Framework makes it explicitly clear that the policies of local authorities should encourage Brownfield sites to be brought back into use, provided they are not of high environmental value.

Andrew Mitchell is scheduled to meet with Planning Officers from Birmingham City Council later this month to discuss the proposed consultation on the Birmingham Development Plan.

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