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Westminster Column

This week the Conservative Party held our Party Conference in Manchester where the Party and the Prime Minister set out the steps we will take as our economy starts to recover.

I hope that my constituents will feel that the Conservative-led Coalition has shown that we are on the side of hardworking people. We are helping young people buy their own homes, getting the long-term unemployed back to work, freezing Fuel Duty, backing marriage, cutting the deficit and creating jobs and wealth in the UK.

Now that the Coalition Government has made good progress on clearing up the mess that the last Labour Government left behind we are focusing on building something better in its place. With a mixture of hard work, common sense and the right values we have replaced the casino economy with one where people who work hard can actually get on and one where instead of the welfare society, no individual is written off.

In his speech to the Conference the Prime Minister spoke about the instinctive belief that if you trust people and give them the correct tools, they will succeed. This Party - at its heart - is about big people, strong communities, responsible businesses, a bigger society – not a bigger state. I know from talking to many of my constituents, from many different backgrounds, that they too believe that the Coalition should stick with it and finish the job that we started in May 2010. This requires a strong Government, with a clear mandate, that is accountable for what it promises and what it delivers for hardworking people.

For more information on Conservative Party Conference and to read the speeches in full please go to www.conservatives.com

Andrew Mitchell with Sutton Coldfield members at the Conservative Party Conference

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