Andrew Mitchell and Councillors discuss Good Hope hospital services

21st January 2014

On the 10th of January Andrew Mitchell was joined by Sutton Coldfield Councillors Margaret Waddington, Lyn Collin, Guy Roberts and Dr Andrew Hardie, who is a local Vesey Ward campaigner and medical doctor, at a meeting at Good Hope Hospital with the Executive Lead on Strategic Developments, Simon Hackwell, and Clinical Nurse Specialist, Judith Bailey, to address constituents concerns about the future of services at Good Hope.

Mr Mitchell made representations on behalf of constituents regarding funding changes and how this would affect the service offered at Good Hope. In particular Mr Mitchell sought assurances that he would be informed of any plans to change services and that a Public Consultation would take place so that his constituents would have a say in any proposed changes at an early stage. Simon Hackwell, assured Mr Mitchell and the Councillors that they would be consulted on any proposed changes and that the public would have the opportunity to contribute to any such proposals. However, at the present time there were no proposals to put forward on services at the Hospital.

Andrew Mitchell said, “I am satisfied that we will have an opportunity to look carefully at any proposed changes at Good Hope before they are agreed upon. I will be watching matters closely on behalf of my constituents’’.

The meeting at Good Hope follows an earlier meeting Mr Mitchell had with Lord Hunt, Chairman of the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, of which Good Hope Hospital is a part, in December when Mr Mitchell made clear the need for proper local consultation on changes conducted in a completely open and transparent way.

Photo: Left to right: Cllr Guy Roberts, Simon Hackwell, Cllr Lyn Collin, Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP Cllr Margaret Waddington, Dr Andrew Hardie and Judith Bailey.