Andrew Mitchell attends 14th Annual Tea with Sutton’s Clergy

10th March 2015

Andrew Mitchell met with Sutton Coldfield’s Clergy on Friday 27 February for the annual cross-denominational meeting, hosted this year by Reverend John Routh at the Trinity Centre, Holy Trinity Church.

Mr Mitchell met with the Church Leaders the day after his annual Lenten Lecture, which was delivered this year at the Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church. The discussion between the local MP and religious leaders was frank and open, and covered a wide range of topics of local, national and international concern. The recent open letter from a group of Bishops outlining their approach to current politics was also discussed at length.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Mitchell said “It is always interesting and informative to meet with the faith leaders in our community, and I learn much from their insights on the issues of concern to my constituents, in addition to their views on political issues in general”.