Andrew Mitchell attends annual Sutton Coldfield Head Teachers Meeting

29th June 2015

Sutton’s MP has attended the annual meeting of Sutton Coldfield’s seven secondary school Headteachers and Chairs of Governors, along with the Head of the newly-renamed Sutton Coldfield College (formerly Birmingham Metropolitan College, Sutton Coldfield Campus).

The meeting allowed the Heads and Governors to put forward their views on local and national education issues, and discuss developments with their local MP. They raised a number of concerns ranging from the quality of training available for Governors, to proposals about the Baccalaureate qualification and other policies that the Government is pursuing.

Further interesting discussion took place around the result of the recent general election, and the impact that the election had had in the engagement of young people in politics.

Andrew Mitchell praised the schools on their continued success and all that they provide for young people in Sutton Coldfield. They discussed how he could assist the schools to maintain a high level of care, and to best respond to any challenges the schools felt they might face in the future.

Following the discussion Andrew Mitchell said “I appreciate this opportunity to hear first hand from the leaders of the secondary schools in Sutton about their views, concerns and recommendations. I would like to thank them all for everything that they do for young people in Royal Sutton Coldfield”.