Andrew Mitchell explores Town Council proposals

30th January 2015

Sutton’s MP has taken up the issue of the proposed changes to the governance of Sutton Coldfield with the Leader of Birmingham City Council, Sir Albert Bore, on behalf of a group of his constituents who favour the model of a Town Council in Sutton Coldfield.

In an exchange of letters, Andrew Mitchell drew the Leader’s attention to the petition signed by a large number of Suttonians and presented to Birmingham City Council in October in relation to the governance review being carried out to the Council. In particular Mr Mitchell focused on the proposals that have been brought forward for a Town Council for Sutton Coldfield.

Mr Mitchell stressed that he is supportive of a full exploration of the proposal for a Town Council, and that Suttonians need clarity about the proposals before making any decisions that will impact the way the Royal Town is run for years to come.

This review is an ongoing process, with the Council hoping to publish its plan for responding to the Kerslake review of governance in mid-February. Following this will be further consultation within Sutton Coldfield in June or July, specifically on the issue of the Town Council.

Andrew Mitchell said “I am glad that Birmingham City Council is taking these proposals seriously and committing to further investigation and consultation on the proposals for a Town Council. I maintain that there are two crucial questions that, as Suttonians, we need answers from the Council on. The first is what powers a Town Council will be granted, the second is how much it will cost in addition to what we already pay to Birmingham City Council. I hope that these questions will be fully answered as these proposals progress, allowing all of us to make an informed decision about the local governance of our Town”.