Andrew Mitchell grilled by young constituents at Penns Lane

8th December 2014

Andrew Mitchell visited Year 6 at Penns Lane, who have been studying the work of Parliament this term, to answer questions about his work as Sutton Coldfield’s MP. Mr Mitchell told the students about his day to day routine in the House of Commons, and was asked an impressive range of questions about his work, life and ambitions.

When asked what his proudest moment as Sutton’s MP was, Andrew Mitchell stated that it was the reaffirmation of the Royal status for the Town earlier this year, after a long sustained campaign.

He was then showed some of the work that the students have been doing for their project on Parliament, including a number of impressive papier mache models of Parliament, and paintings of the silhouette of the famous buildings.

Mr Mitchell commented “Year 6 were very informed about the work of Parliament, and I enjoyed answering their questions. Their enthusiasm for the project is very evident, and the work they have produced is excellent”.