Andrew Mitchell meets the Cambridge Globalist to discuss his recent trip to Yemen and the importance of British aid

2nd March 2018

Andrew Mitchell recently visited his alma mater, University of Cambridge, to speak with the Cambridge Globalist.

The discussion broached on a number of topics including the importance of continuing British aid, the UK’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and his recent visit to Yemen that marked the first time a European politician has visited the rebel controlled north of the country since the outbreak of the civil war in 2005.

In discussing the importance of British aid, Mr Mitchell stated that “every penny of Britain’s development budget is spent in the interest of Britain, because it makes the world safer and more prosperous. It is also, I would submit, one of the best investments in the younger generation. For your generation, which incidentally heavily supports international development, it is a key way of ensuring you inherit a world that is safer and more prosperous”.

Interview: Andrew Mitchell