Andrew Mitchell MP’s Dog Scarlet rescues lost comerade!

14th November 2014

Last Friday, while Sutton Coldfield’s MP was busy on his normal round of morning visits, his dog Scarlet was having an exciting adventure all of her own. On her daily walk in Royal Sutton Park, she and her dog walker, Jessica Spencer of Little Paws Pets – an excellent local Sutton business, suddenly realised that they had some company.

Recounting the event, Jessica Spencer said:

“Scarlet and I were enjoying our early morning walk. Scarlet loves the water, so I took her to Blackroot Lake so she could have a little swim. Nearing the end of our walk, I realised that Scarlet had acquired an admirer – a very sweet looking sandy coloured dog. His owner was nowhere to be seen, so we walked back through the park to try to find them. He was clearly very taken by Scarlet, and so the three of us retraced our steps to where we met a lady who recognised Scarlet’s new friend, and set about trying to locate his owner. It turned out that the dog’s owner had been searching for him for some time. He was amazed at how far the dog had travelled from where he had let him off his lead. While Scarlet was sad to say goodbye to her new friend, we left the park happy knowing that he would be home and warm again soon”.

Andrew Mitchell said “I am glad that Scarlet sees part of her role as looking after the other dogs of Sutton Coldfield”