Andrew Mitchell MP discusses urban sport with young constituents

3rd February 2012

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with a local free running team to discuss options for an Urban Playground in Sutton Coldfield.

Sutton’s MP met with representatives of Trinity PKFR (Parkour and Free Running) who use a range of gymnastic and acrobatic movements such as climbing, vaulting and flipping to cross ground with speed and efficiency. The group recently showcased their work at one of the UK’s biggest art festivals - Birmingham Artsfest 2011.

Mr Mitchell put the free runners in contact with their local Councillors and Birmingham City Council is keen to work on future proposals. Sutton’s MP has also recommended the group for the Starbucks Youth Action project, a community investment programme.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “This group is an excellent example of the creative talent we have in Sutton Coldfield and Trinity PKFR have raised the profile of free running in the West Midlands.

“It is important that an appropriate venue is found to allow the group, alongside others from the local area, to practise in a creative environment that is both suitable and safe.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP with Toby Peel, Arron Woolley and James Kirkham representing Trinity PKFR.