Andrew Mitchell MP meets with local Clergy to discuss issues of concern and interest to Sutton Coldfield

16th November 2012

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with members of Sutton Coldfield’s Clergy to discuss issues of local and national concern and to hear their views on issues relevant to the Sutton Coldfield community.

This year’s meeting was hosted by Reverend Matthew Rhodes at St Peter’s Church in Maney. Issues that were discussed ranged from the threat to Sutton’s Green Belt, which Andrew Mitchell is resisting, to topical concerns such as the Liverpool Care Pathway and Welfare Reform.

Following the meeting Andrew Mitchell MP said, “Although I am in touch with members of our local Clergy on a regular basis we meet annually as a group which always makes for a lively discussion. It also gives our local Clergy a chance to let me know of any issues of concern and about the excellent work they have carried out in our community since we last met.”

“This year a number of our Clergy raised issues relating to individual Parishioners and once they have referred individual cases to me I will be happy to make representations to the relevant body to see what I can do to help.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP with members of Sutton Coldfield’s Clergy at St Peter’s Church in Maney, Sutton Coldfield.