Andrew Mitchell MP meets Local Enterprise Partnership Chair Andy Street

2nd December 2011

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with Andy Street, Chair of the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to discuss its role encouraging economic development and enterprise across the region.

Sutton’s MP discussed the LEP’s plans to increase economic output in the area by £8.25 billion and create 100,000 private sector jobs by 2020.

Mr Mitchell also focussed on the recent launch of the Government’s £500 million Growing Places fund, which is available to Local Enterprise Partnerships across England. The fund is aimed at reviving stalled building projects and creating new jobs across the country and will give local businesses and organisations the opportunity to make their own decisions and apply for the funding they need based on local priorities.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “The £500 million Growing Places Fund will unlock much-needed local infrastructure and get the homes we need built. It will be the Local Enterprise Partnership, made up of the people and businesses who know the local area best, who will decide where this cash boost will be spent.

“This fund will make a real difference on the ground, improving the lives of local residents in Sutton and the surrounding region and boosting the local economy. From building strategic link roads to reducing congestion, the investment will set businesses free and create jobs.

“I am keeping in close touch with Andy to ensure that the Local Enterprise Partnership is something we in Sutton can all benefit from.”