Andrew Mitchell MP meets Mark Barrow to discuss planning issues affecting Sutton Coldfield

26th August 2011

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with Mark Barrow, Strategic Director of Development at Birmingham City Council to discuss planning issues affecting Sutton Coldfield.

Mr Mitchell arranged the meeting to welcome Mark Barrow, following his appointment at the end of last year, and to discuss the impact of development in Sutton as well and the views and concerns conveyed to him by local residents about planning issues.

Mr Mitchell took the opportunity to reinforce the guidelines the Government has issued to local councils which aim to reduce the number of ‘garden grabbing’ developments across the country. He also expressed his and many residents’ concerns surrounding the practice of ‘garden grabbing’ by developers in Sutton.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “I had a most useful meeting with Mark and took the opportunity to discuss issues surrounding development in Sutton Coldfield that are of concern to many of my constituents. Although I have no jurisdiction in the planning process I keep a keen eye on development across our town and always make sure my constituents’ views and concerns about planning are heard by Birmingham City Council.

“The hard work of all of Sutton’s Councillors in seeking to defend the interests of Sutton residents during the dark years under Labour, when far too many vexatious planning applications were granted, has been vital in protecting Sutton Coldfield from the worst excesses of the previous government’s planning law.”

Andrew also discussed Birmingham’s newly formed Local Enterprise Partnership which brings together local business and civic leaders, working to drive private sector growth and job creation in Birmingham.

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP with Mark Barrow outside Sutton Coldfield town hall.