Andrew Mitchell MP meets with Natural England to discuss funding for Sutton Park

9th October 2010

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with Roger Owen, Regional Director of Natural England to discuss the organisation’s involvement in Sutton Coldfield.

Natural England, an independent public body whose purpose it is to protect and improve the natural environment, has recently been instrumental in securing nearly £1 million of funding for Sutton Park. The money will be filtered through over the next 10 years.

Andrew heard how Natural England’s work in the Park will deliver important management for biodiversity (particularly the lowland heathland which is of national significance), improve access to the Park and help maintain the historical heritage of it.

Andrew Mitchell MP said “I am delighted that this substantial funding package has been secured. Sutton Park is one our town’s central attractions, drawing nearly 2 million visitors each year, and it is very important that we take care to manage it effectively.” ',