Andrew Mitchell MP meets new Chief of Police for Sutton Coldfield

30th September 2013

Andrew Mitchell MP held an introductory meeting with the new Chief of Police for Sutton Coldfield, Chief Superintendent Rachel Jones, to discuss Policing in Sutton.

The meeting was arranged by Andrew Mitchell who works closely with Sutton’s Police to ensure that they deliver a high standard of Policing for local residents.

During 2012/13 Total Recorded Crime in Sutton Coldfield fell by 15.2%; violent crimes where injury was caused by 20%, burglary by 20.9%, robbery by 25.7% and business crime by 23%. Total Recorded Crime continues to fall in 2013/14.

Andrew Mitchell MP, said “These figures demonstrate that the hard work of our local Police combined with the Coalition Government’s reforms to Policing have ensured that Sutton’s streets are safer than ever.”

“Concern was raised with me last year about the increase in vehicle crime in Sutton and I am, therefore, pleased that in 2013/14 there has been a 23.6% reduction.”

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Pnoto: Andrew Mitchell MP with Chief Superintendent Rachel Jones.