Andrew Mitchell MP praises growth of support services at Domestic Abuse Charity

21st May 2014

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited local Sutton Coldfield charity Star Support and Counselling to meet with Counsellors and members of the new Board of Advisors and discuss the growth of the domestic abuse support charity since it secured Big Lottery Funding.

Sutton’s MP praised the charity which has expanded since 2010 and now holds 65 counselling sessions a week for victims of domestic abuse. The charity has a team of fifteen who deal with cases for both men and women and as well as a new advisory board and the backing of TV presenter Lynda Bellingham as Patron.

During the visit Andrew Mitchell discussed the growth of the charity with Star Support managers Angela Eyles and Brigida Varley, noting the rise in overall cases being dealt with by Star Support thanks to wider awareness of domestic abuse meaning people were more inclined to reach out for support.

The chairlady of Star Support and Counselling commented: “We wanted to use Andrew\'s visit to highlight the fact that domestic abuse has widespread effects on the community - the effect on an individual and their place within society is compromised by abuse and obviously, there is a huge amount of public expenditure associated with healing individuals and their families. Star Support are funded by the Big Lottery until early January 2015 including smaller pots of funding from a number of grants. It is becoming increasingly harder to access these grants - hopefully, Andrew can influence those who have resources to hand.”

After the meeting Andrew Mitchell said, “Star Support and Counselling are a credit to Sutton Coldfield. The work Angela and her team do in offering victims of domestic abuse support is invaluable and I hope the Big Lottery Fund rewards their hard work again.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP with Star Support and Counselling Manager, Angela Eyles and Board member Noel Phillips.