Andrew Mitchell MP praises superstore’s support for equipment in Sutton Coldfield schools

8th October 2010

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited Tesco’s New Oscott Extra store to meet the Manager, Andrew Jones, and his staff to hear how Tesco are improving their service to the people of Sutton Coldfield and the local community.

As one of Sutton’s large employers Andrew set up a meeting with the New Oscott store’s Manager, Andrew Jones, who showed the MP around the store and introduced him to staff currently on duty. Tesco employs 533 people in three stores in Sutton Coldfield.

During the meeting Mr Mitchell heard about Tesco’s role in the local community and was told about the store’s Schools for Clubs scheme which last year provided £14,842 worth of equipment to schools in Sutton Coldfield.

Andrew also questioned Tesco on their support for local suppliers and was pleased to hear that there are currently 20 suppliers in the West Midlands supplying Sutton’s stores.

Mr Mitchell also heard that the store is to undertake a refresh where measures will be taken to update the shop’s appearance and to increase efficiency of its fridges and freezers.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “It is important that large companies such as Tesco contribute to the local community that they serve.

I hope that Tesco continue to build on their community engagement as well as support local farmers and suppliers.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP with the New Oscott store Manager, Andrew Jones.