Andrew Mitchell MP sings praise for Sutton’s arts to Arts Council England

7th February 2011

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with Ros Robins, the West Midlands Director of Arts Council England to discuss the arts in Sutton Coldfield.

During the meeting Andrew Mitchell discussed how to sustain the profile of the arts in Sutton and the surrounding region and how to encourage the participation of local people in arts organisations, while maintaining a standard of excellence.

Mr Mitchell highlighted some of the arts activity going on in Sutton Coldfield that is in need of recognition from the Arts Council, for instance the Sutton Coldfield Festival of Arts and the Sutton Coldfield Arts Theatre.

Andrew also stressed the idea of using Sutton Coldfield Town Hall for more arts events like concerts and theatre productions.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “We have a thriving arts scene in Sutton Coldfield that I am keen to promote.”