Andrew Mitchell MP supports Fairtrade Fortnight in Sutton Coldfield

9th October 2010

Andrew Mitchell MP has voiced his support for Fairtrade Fortnight. The purpose of the Fortnight, which ended last weekend, is to focus attention on the position of poor farmers overseas and how the British public can do their bit to help them directly.

The theme of this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight was the ‘Big Swap’, which asked consumer’s to swap their usual products for Fairtrade products. With almost one million swaps registered thus far, the Fortnight has been a great success.

Speaking about this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight Andrew Mitchell MP said, “I am enthusiastic about the achievements and future potential of the Fair Trade movement, which allows British consumers to send a voluntary signal, through the market, about the conditions in which they want their goods to be produced.

“Over the past year a number of major retailers have announced or restated their fair-trade credentials, and one issue I’m particularly following locally is whether Cadbury’s existing fair-trade products will be able to remain so as the Kraft takeover beds in.

“Fairtrade Fortnight is a great success. Now more than ever it is time to champion a free, open and fair trading system.”',