Andrew Mitchell MP takes local Osteoporosis Group’s views and concerns to the Department of Health

19th August 2011

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with Patricia Court, the Chairperson of the Sutton Coldfield Group of the National Osteoporosis Society, at his offices in Sutton to discuss their ongoing campaign for the instalment of a dedicated Fraction Liaison Nurse at Good Hope Hospital.

Andrew heard how the group are seeking a greater focus on prevention through increased identification, assessment, treatment and care for all older patients who have suffered a fracture, including where appropriate the prescription of bone protecting treatments. Mr Mitchell also discussed the group’s wish for a dedicated Fracture Liaison Nurse at Good Hope Hospital which, they say, would greatly assist in the diagnosis of this often hidden disease, therefore helping to prevent further broken bones.

Following the meeting, Sutton’s MP wrote directly to Anne Milton MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health, detailing the views and concerns of the Sutton Coldfield branch of the National Osteoporosis Society.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “Sutton Coldfield has high numbers of very elderly people many of whom suffer from osteoporosis. I have therefore written to the Department of Health outlining Sutton’s Osteoporosis Group’s views on the need for a Fraction Liaison Nurse at Good Hope and I will go back to them as soon as I receive a response to my representations on their behalf.”

This year the National Osteoporosis Society celebrates its 25th anniversary.