Andrew Mitchell MP talks Politics to Sixth Form students at Bishop Walsh School

9th October 2010

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited Bishop Walsh Catholic School where he addressed a Sixth Form assembly about his role as a Member of Parliament.

Speaking to the Sixth Form, Mr Mitchell explained his role as Member of Parliament for Sutton Coldfield, detailing the kind of work he undertakes on behalf of his constituents both in Sutton and Westminster.

Andrew then held an informal QandA session with the A-level Politics class. He spent over an hour fielding Paxman style questions from each of the students on issues that ranged from the current conflict in Afghanistan to the potential outcome of the upcoming General Election.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “I really value my visits to Sutton’s Secondary Schools. They give me the opportunity to listen to the concerns of Sutton’s young people as well as to discuss the topics that are of most importance to them.

“At Bishop Walsh it was good to see a group of young people who are engaged with current affairs and the issues that affect us locally, nationally and internationally.”