Andrew Mitchell MP visits Hill Hook Local Nature Reserve

9th February 2011

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited Hill Hook Nature Reserve in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield. Andrew met with Martin Yates, Chair of Friends of Hill Hook Local Nature Reserve, and Peter Sale, Chair of Hill Hook Residents Association. He also spoke with local residents and volunteers working on the site.

Bordered by residential streets, the reserve – jointly owned and managed by Birmingham City Council and The Wildlife Trust – is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Andrew Mitchell discussed the importance of the nature reserve to the network of natural green space in Sutton Coldfield. Sutton’s MP heard how the reserve had been reclaimed by the local community after being plagued by vandalism and antisocial behaviour for many years.

Andrew Mitchell thanked the volunteers for their role in making Hill Hook such a high quality open space. The reserve has also received high praise from local residents and visitors, who have lauded its contribution to educating people about the natural environment. The reserve offers frequent escorted walks to view wildlife, and also runs bat and moth evenings on a regular basis.

Andrew Mitchell emphasised his strong support for local initiatives that allow people to work together for the benefit of their community. Andrew said, “It is so good that the local community has taken ownership of this splendid nature reserve. This is an example of the Big Society in action.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell with (L-R) Peter Sale, Richard Clinton, Vice-Chair of Hill Hook Local Nature Reserve, Martin Yates and nature reserve volunteers.