Andrew Mitchell MP visits New Oscott retirement village

7th February 2011

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited the ExtraCare Charitable Trust retirement village in New Oscott.

Andrew was met by Nick Abbey, ExtraCare Chief Executive, at the entrance to the village off the Chester Road.

The village comprises of 260 apartments which are either under a shared ownership scheme or purchased outright by residents. The average age on entry to the village is approximately 70, and the oldest resident is 99.

Mr Mitchell spoke to residents who described their experience of living in the village as a safer and more secure one. One resident said, “I have never felt so safe at night.”

Andrew Mitchell took a tour of the facilities available in the village including an arts and crafts centre, library and greenhouse. Lots of the amenities, like the bar, are run by volunteer residents.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “I am extremely impressed by the quality of residential care provided at the New Oscott Village. It is a superb development with excellent facilities.”

ExtraCare’s Chief Executive, Nick Abbey, said, “ExtraCare is taking a proactive approach to housing and care by providing practical health advice, a range of facilities and numerous activities that gently encourage people to take greater responsibility for their future independence.”