Andrew Mitchell MP visits Plantsbrook School to speak to pupils and congratulate all on ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspection

23rd September 2011

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited Plantsbrook School in Sutton Coldfield, where he addressed a Sixth Form assembly and congratulated all on their recent ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted Inspection.

Mr Mitchell was greeted by Jason Farr, Head of Sixth Form at Plantsbrook School. He then addressed a large group of Sixth Formers at an assembly, speaking about the situation in the Horn of Africa, the European Debt Crisis and the importance of exercising your vote.

Mr Mitchell explained to the students the seriousness of the famine in countries like Somalia and Ethiopia. He also described the efforts of the British Government to prevent these needless deaths and the huge generosity of the British public’s response saying ‘such generosity was in the British DNA.’

Andrew also discussed the challenges facing Britain as a result of the debt crisis currently affecting the Eurozone and how it reinforced the need for the Government’s tough deficit reduction plan.

Finally, Andrew outlined his role as a local MP and emphasised his desire to hear more from his younger constituents as well encouraging students to express themselves politically through the use of their right to vote. This was followed by a question and answer session which covered a variety of topics, ranging from the price of petrol to the budget of the Department for International Development.

Andrew Mitchell MP said “I always enjoy visiting the secondary schools of Sutton Coldfield. Huge congratulations to teachers, pupils, parents and the Board of Governors at Plantsbrook who have recently secured this ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted Inspection.”