Andrew Mitchell MP visits Sutton Coldfield’s YMCA

9th October 2010

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited Sutton Coldfield’s YMCA on St Bernard’s Road to meet with its Chief Executive, Clive Yater and Deputy Chief Executive, Stephanie Winter, to give his strong support to their work in and around Sutton.

Their activities include a housing project, youth leadership projects and several ‘Streetwise Sessions’ which operate in each of the four wards of Sutton, and aim to encourage young people to take up positive community activities while educating them about the negative effects of anti-social behaviour.

Mr Yater and Andrew Mitchell discussed the YMCA’s renewed focus on helping people between the ages of 11-25 who suffer from a disability, of whom there are over 7,000 in the North Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield area.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those at Sutton’s YMCA for their hard work and commitment. The YMCA is an important organisation and we are extremely fortunate to have a particularly organised and proactive branch here in Sutton Coldfield.”