Andrew Mitchell secures agreement to public meeting as soon as coherent plans emerge on Good Hope

25th April 2014

Local MP Andrew Mitchell has secured agreement with the senior management of Good Hope Hospital that any proposed changes to services offered by the Hospital will be discussed at a Public Meeting as soon as they are brought forward. Such a meeting would be co-chaired by Andrew Mitchell and the Chairman of the Heart of England NHS Foundation, which is responsible for Good Hope Hospital.

This agreement follows the latest in series of meetings that Sutton’s MP has held with the Trust Board of Directors. In December Andrew Mitchell met with Lord Hunt, Chairman of Heart of England, where Mr Mitchell stressed the need for proper local consultation on any proposed changes, and the need for an open and transparent process. This was followed by meetings with the Executive Lead on Strategic Developments at Good Hope, Simon Hackwell, the Director of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Governance and Managing Director of Solihull Hospital Community Services, Lisa Thomson, and with the new Managing Director of Good Hope Hospital, Richard Parker.

During these meetings there was consistent agreement that any changes at the Hospital would be subject to a transparent process, with the Trust committing to undertake a full public consultation at the earliest opportunity in the event of proposals, and that the Hospital should continue to work in partnership with Sutton’s MP and Councillors to keep Suttonians informed of any developments.

Andrew Mitchell commented “I hope that this agreement will reassure my constituents that should changes be proposed the residents of Sutton Coldfield will have the opportunity to discuss those proposals in an open forum, and that their views will be taken into account by the Trust Board. I am working hard alongside your local Councillors to monitor the situation and ensure that any consultation would take place at the earliest opportunity. Following these meetings I am also confident that any changes that would take place would be undertaken to strengthen, not weaken, Good Hope and its widely valued and used services”.